Part # MAX4736 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX4736 DS

Part Details:

19-2382; Rev 2; 12/06 0.6, Low-Voltage, Single-Supply, Dual SPDT Analog Switch MAX4736 General Description Features The MAX4736 is a low on-resistance, low-voltage, dual Low RON single-pole/double throw (SPDT) analog switch that 0.6 (3V Supply) operates from a single 1.6V to 4.2V supply. This device 1.5 (1.8V Supply) has fast switching speeds (tON = 25ns, tOFF = 20nsmax), handles rail-to-rail analog signals, and consumes 0.1 max RON Flatness (3V Supply) less than 4µW of quiescent power. The MAX4736 has Single-Supply Operation Down to 1.6V break-before-make switching. Available in TQFN, µDFN and µMAX Packages When powered from a 3V supply, the MAX4736 fea-tures low 0.6 on-resistance (RON), with 0.1 RON 1.8V CMOS Logic Compatible (3V Supply) matching and 0.05 RON flatness. The digital logic input is 1.8V CMOS compatible when using a single 3V Fast Switching: tON = 25ns, tOFF = 20ns supply. The MAX4736 has one normally open (NO) switch andone normally closed (NC) switch, and is available in 12-pin TQFN-EP (3mm x 3mm), 10-pin µMAX and 10 pinµDFN (2mm x 2mm) packages. Ordering Information Applications PART PIN-PACKAGE PKG CODE Power Routing MAX4736EUB 10 µMAX U10-2 Battery-Powered Systems MAX4736ETC 12 Thin QFN-EP* T1233-1 Audio and Video Signal Routing MAX4736ELB 10 µDFN L1022-1 Low-Voltage Data-Acquisition Systems Note: All devices operate over the -40°C to +55°C operating Communications Circuits temperature range.*EP = Exposed pad. PCMCIA Cards Cellular Phones Modems Hard Drives Pin Configurations/Functional Diagrams/Truth Table TOP VIEW IN1 COM1

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