Part # MAX4864L-MAX4867 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX4864L DS

Part Details:

19-3582; Rev 1; 5/06 Overvoltage Protection Controllers with Reverse Polarity Protection MAX4864L/MAX4865L/MAX4866L/MAX4867/MAX4865/MAX General Description Features The MAX4864L/MAX4865L/MAX4866L/MAX4867/ Overvoltage Protection Up to +28V MAX4865/MAX4866 overvoltage protection controllers Reverse Polarity Protection Down to -28V protect low-voltage systems against high-voltage faultsup to +28V, and negative voltages down to -28V. These Preset Overvoltage (OV) Trip Level (7.4V, 6.35V, devices drive a low-cost complementary MOSFET. If the 5.8V, 4.65V) input voltage exceeds the overvoltage threshold, these Drive Low-Cost Complementary MOSFET devices turn off the n-channel MOSFET to prevent dam- Internal 50ms Startup Delay age to the protected components. If the input voltage Internal Charge Pump drops below ground, the devices turn off the p-channelMOSFET to prevent damage to the protected compo- 8.5µA Standby Current (In UVLO Mode) nents. An internal charge pump eliminates the need for 0.4µA Shutdown Current external capacitors and drives the MOSFET GATEN for Overvoltage Fault FLAG Indicator a simple, robust solution. 6-Pin (2mm x 2mm) µDFN and 6-Pin SOT23 The overvoltage thresholds are preset to +7.4V Packages (MAX4864L), +6.35V (MAX4865L), +5.8V (MAX4866L),and +4.65V (MAX4867). When the input voltage dropsbelow the undervoltage lockout (UVLO) threshold, thedevices enter a low-current standby mode (8.5µA). Also in Ordering Information shutdown (EN set to logic-high), the current is reduced fur- PIN - OV TRIP TOP PKG ther (0.4µA). The MAX4864L/MAX4865L/MAX4866L have PA R T PA C K A G E LEVEL (V) MARK CODE a +2.85V UVLO threshold, and the MAX4867 has a +2.5VUVLO threshold. The MAX4865/MAX4866 have a 4.15V M A X4 8 6 4 L E U T- T 6 S OT23- 6 7.40 ABVO -- UVLO threshold. M AX 4864LE LT 6 µD FN 7.40 AAE L622-1 In addition, a ±15kV ESD protection is provided to the M A X4 8 6 5 L E U T- T 6 S OT23- 6

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