Part # MAX8630-MAX8630X datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX8630W X DS

Part Details:

19-0825; Rev 0; 5/07 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE 125mA 1x/1.5x Charge Pumps for 5 White LEDs in 3mm x 3mm TDFN MAX8630W/MAX8630X General Description Features The MAX8630W/MAX8630X charge pumps drive up to 5 93% Max/85% Avg. Efficiency (PLED/PBATT) Over white LEDs with regulated constant current up to 125mA Li+ Battery Discharge total. By utilizing adaptive 1x/1.5x charge-pump modes 1% LED Current Accuracy and very low-dropout current regulators, they achieve 125mA Total Drive Capability high efficiency over the full 1-cell Li+ battery input volt-age range. The 1MHz fixed-frequency switching allows Adaptive 1x/1.5x Mode Switchover for tiny external components, and the regulation scheme Single-Wire, Serial-Pulse Dimming (MAX8630X) is optimized to ensure low EMI and low input ripple. An Independent On/Off/Dimming for Main and Sub integrated derating function protects the LEDs from Linear--Full, 31/32nd, 30/32nd, ... 1/32nd overheating during high ambient temperatures. Direct-PWM Dimming (MAX8630W) The MAX8630W/MAX8630X are factory trimmed for full- 15, 18, 20, and 25mA Full-Scale Versions scale LED current options of 15mA, 18mA, 20mA, and Low 0.1µA Shutdown Current 25mA. The MAX8630X uses two enable inputs (ENM for Soft-Start Eliminates Inrush Current 3 main LEDs and ENS for 2 sub LEDs) for simple on/offcontrol and single-wire, serial-pulse dimming in 32 linear Output Overvoltage Protection steps. The MAX8630W uses a single direct PWM input Thermal-Derating Function Protects LEDs (PWM) to control all 5 LEDs with DC current proportional 14-Pin, 3mm x 3mm TDFN Package to the PWM duty cycle. If both ENM and ENS (or PWM)are kept low for more than 4ms, the MAX8630_ enters Ordering Information shutdown. The MAX8630W/MAX8630X are available in a14-pin, 3mm x 3mm TDFN package (0.8mm max height). PIN- TOP PKG PART PACKAGE MARK CODE Applications 14 TDFN-14 MAX8630WETD15+T ADQ T1433-2 Display Backlight (Up to 5 LEDs) (3mm x 3mm)

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