Part # FDS8880 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FDS8880 N-Channel PowerTrench® MOSF

Part Details:

FDS88 April 2007 80 N- tm FDS8880 Channel N-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFET 30V, 11.6A, 10m Powe Features General Description rDS(on) = 10m, VGS = 10V, ID = 11.6A This N-Channel MOSFET has been designed specifically to improve the overall efficiency of DC/DC converters using rDS(on) = 12m, VGS = 4.5V, ID = 10.7A either synchronous or conventional switching PWM rTr controllers. It has been optimized for low gate charge, low High performance trench technology for extremely low rDS(on) and fast switching speed. e rDS(on) nc Applications Low gate charge h ® DC/DC converters High power and current handling capability MO RoHS Compliant SFET Branding Dash 5 4 5 6 3 1 7 2 2 3 4 8 1 SO-8 ©2007 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation 1 FDS8880 Rev. B FDS88 MOSFET Maximum Ratings TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol Parameter Ratings Units V 80 N-

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FDS8880.pdf Datasheet