Part # AD565A_566A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD565A/AD566A High Speed 12-Bit Monolithic D/A Converters Data Sheet (REV. E)

Part Details:

a High Speed 12-Bit Monolithic D/A Converters AD565A/AD566A* FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAMS Single Chip Construction V REF OUT CC BIPOLAR OFF Very High Speed Settling to 1/2 LSB 20V SPAN AD565A: 250 ns max 10V AD565A 5k AD566A: 350 ns max Full-Scale Switching Time: 30 ns 19.95k 9.95k 0.5mA 10V SPAN REF IN 5k Guaranteed for Operation with 12 V (565A) Supplies, IREF DAC DAC OUT with ­12 V Supply (AD566A) 20k IOUT = REF IO 8k Linearity Guaranteed Overtemperature 4 I GND REF CODE 1/2 LSB max (K, T Grades) CODE INPUT Monotonicity Guaranteed OvertemperatureLow Power: AD566A = 180 mW max; ­VEE POWER MSB LSB AD565A = 225 mW max GND BIPOLAR OFF Use with On-Board High Stability Reference (AD565A) 20V SPAN or with External Reference (AD566A) AD566A 5k Low Cost

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AD565A_566A.pdf Datasheet