Part # M74HC4851 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Single 8 channel analog MUX/DEMUX with injection current protection

Part Details:

M74HC4851 SINGLE 8 CHANNEL ANALOG MUX/DEMUX WITH INJECTION CURRENT PROTECTION s LOW POWER DISSIPATION:ICC = 2µA(MAX.) at TA=25°C s INJECTION CURRENT PROTECTION:V OUT<1mV at VCC=5V IIN 1mA RS 3.9K s "ON" RESISTANCE at TA=25°C: 215 TYP. (VCC = 3.0V) 150 TYP. (VCC = 4.5V) SOP SOP-Large TSSOP 160 TYP. (VCC = 6V) s FAST SWITCHING: ORDER CODES tpd = 8.6ns (TYP.) at TA = 25 °C, VCC = 4.5V PACKAGE TUBE T & R s WIDE OPERATING SUPPLY VOLTAGERANGE: V SOP M74HC4851M1R M74HC4851RM13TR CC = 2V TO 6V SOP-Large M74HC4851MWR s HIGH NOISE IMMUNITY:V TSSOP M74HC4851TTR NIH = VNIL = 28% VCC (MIN.) s PIN AND FUNCTION COMPATIBLE WITHSERIES 4051, 4851 logic voltage are common. The injection current s LATCH-UP PERFORMANCE EXCEEDS effect control allows signals at disabled input 500mA (JESD 17) channels to exceed the supply voltage range or go s ESD PERFORMANCE: down ground without affecting the signal of the HBM > 2000V (JESD22-A114B); enabled analog channel. This eliminated the need MM > 200V for external diode-resistor networks typically usedto keep the analog channel signals within the DESCRIPTION supply voltage range. This analog switch is

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