Part # MAX8678 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX8678 DS

Part Details:

19-0786; Rev 0; 4/07 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE White LED Charge Pump with 1.1W Audio Amplifier MAX8678 General Description Features The MAX8678 integrates a charge pump for white light- High-Efficiency White LED Charge Pump emitting diodes (LEDs) with an audio loudspeaker Individual Adaptive Supply for Each LED amplifier. The high-efficiency, adaptive charge pump 4 Low-Dropout LED Current Regulators drives up to four LEDs with constant current for uniform 24mA to 0.1mA Dimming Range brightness. The LED current is adjustable from Single-Wire, Serial-Pulse Dimming Interface 0.1mA/LED to 24mA/LED in 31 pseudo-logarithmic 1% (typ) Accuracy steps through a single-wire serial-pulse interface. High Low 140µA Quiescent Current accuracy and LED-to-LED current matching are main- Mono Class AB Audio Amplifier tained throughout the adjustment range. Individual 1.1W RMS Mono BTL Output (8, VIN = 5V) adaptive mode switching for each LED provides high Low 0.004% THD+N at 1kHz efficiency with a wide range of LED forward voltages. High 90dB PSRR at 1kHz The mono class AB audio amplifier directly drives an 8 Fully Differential Inputs loudspeaker with 1.1W RMS continuous power from a 5V -9dB to +18dB Gain Settings in 3dB Steps supply with less than 1% THD+N. The gain is adjustable Integrated Click/Pop Suppression from -9dB to +18dB in ten 3dB steps through a single- Low Quiescent Current wire serial-pulse interface. Clicks and pops are sup- Soft-Start Limits Inrush Current pressed during on/off and all gain adjustments.Differential inputs improve common-mode noise rejection. Thermal Shutdown, Open- and Short-Circuit Protection The MAX8678 includes soft-start, thermal shutdown,open-circuit and short-circuit protection, and is avail- 16-Pin, 3mm x 3mm Thin QFN Package able in the 16-pin, 3mm x 3mm Thin QFN package Ordering Information (0.8mm max height). Applications PART PIN-PACKAGE TOP MARK PKG CODE Cell Phones and Smartphones 16 Thin QFN

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