Part # MAX9140-MAX9144 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9140 41 42 44 DS-S

Part Details:

19-2064; Rev 1; 1/07 40ns, Low-Power, 3V/5V, Rail-to-Rail Single-Supply Comparators MAX9140/MAX9141/MAX9142/MAX9144 General Description Features The MAX9140/MAX9141 are single and the MAX9142/ Fast, 40ns Propagation Delay (10mV Overdrive) MAX9144 are dual/quad high-speed comparators opti- Low Power mized for systems powered from a 3V or 5V supply. TheMAX9141 features latch enable and device shutdown. 0.45mW Power Dissipation Per Comparator (3V) These devices combine high speed, low power, and 150µA Supply Current rail-to-rail inputs. Propagation delay is 40ns, while sup- Optimized for 3V and 5V Applications ply current is only 150µA per comparator. (Operation Down to 2.7V) The input common-mode range of the MAX9140/ Rail-to-Rail Input Voltage Range MAX9141/MAX9142/MAX9144 extends beyond bothpower-supply rails. The outputs pull to within 0.3V of Low, 500µV Offset Voltage either supply rail without external pullup circuitry, mak- Internal Hysteresis for Clean Switching ing these devices ideal for interface with both CMOSand TTL logic. All input and output pins can tolerate a Outputs Swing 300mV of Power Rails continuous short-circuit fault condition to either rail. CMOS/TTL-Compatible Outputs Internal hysteresis ensures clean output switching, evenwith slow-moving input signals. Output Latch (MAX9141 Only) The MAX9140/MAX9141/MAX9142/MAX9144 are high- Shutdown Function (MAX9141 Only) er-speed, lower-power, and lower-cost upgrades to Available in SC70 and SOT23 Packages industry-standard comparators MAX941/MAX942/ Ordering Information MAX944. The MAX9140 are offered in tiny 5-pin SC70 and SOT23 TOP PKG packages. The MAX9141 and MAX9142 are available in PART* PIN-PACKAGE MARK CODE 8-pin SOT23 and SO packages, while the MAX9144 isavailable in both 14-pin SO and TSSOP packages. MAX9140EXK-T 5 SC70-5 ACC X5-1 MAX9140EUK-T 5 SOT23-5 ADQP U5-1 Applications

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