Part # LM2702 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2702 TFT Panel Module

Part Details:

LM2702 February 2005 TFT LM2702TFT Panel Module Panel General Description Features The LM2702 is a compact bias solution for TFT displays. It n 2A, 0.2, internal power switch has a current mode PWM step-up DC/DC converter with a Module n V operating range: 2.2V to 12V IN 2A, 0.2 internal switch. Capable of generating 8V at n 600kHz switching frequency step-up DC/DC converter 170mA from a Lithium Ion battery, the LM2702 is ideal for n Inrush current limiting circuitry generating bias voltages for large screen LCD panels. The n External softstart override LM2702 operates at a switching frequency of 600kHz allow- n Internal 7.3 PMOS switch ing for easy filtering and low noise. An external compensa-tion pin gives the user flexibility in setting frequency compen- n PMOS switch control pin sation, which makes possible the use of small, low ESR n PMOS switch delay pin ceramic capacitors at the output. The LM2702 uses a pat- n Vcom amplifier ented internal circuitry to limit startup inrush current of the n Gamma buffer boost switching regulator without the use of an external n 16 pin TSSOP package softstart capacitor. An external softstart pin enables the userto tailor the softstart to a specific application. The LM2702 Applications has an internal controllable PMOS switch used for control-ling the row driver voltages. The switch can be controlled n LCD Bias Supplies externally with a control pin and delay time. The LM2702contains a Vcom amplifier and a Gamma buffer capable ofsupplying 50mA source and sink. The TSSOP-16 packageensures a low profile overall solution. Typical Application Circuit 20051131 © 2005 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200511 Connection Diagram LM2702 Top View 20051104 TSSOP 16 package T = 125°C, = 120°C/W (Note 1) JMAX JA Pin Descriptions Pin

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