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Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


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AN830 APPLICATION NOTE L6560/A PFC IN LAMP BALLAST APPLICATIONS DescriptionThe L6560 IC is especially designed to be used in lighting applications. In fact, the IC is very simple to useand its needs, in terms of external components, are minimized. Information about the use of the IC is givenin the AN667; this section presents an overview of some circuits for ballast applications using L6560 inseveral configuration.The first application (see fig 1) is a standard boost topology suitable for high mains input with the targetspecifications as follows: Rated Mains Vin(rms) = 277 Vac (+10% -15%) Max. Output Power Po = 140W Output Voltage Vo = 450V The second one (see fig 2) is still a boost topology with high mains input but it has a lower output power.The target specifications are: Rated Mains Vin(rms) = 277 Vac (+10% -15%) Max. Output Power Po = 70W Output Voltage Vo = 450V Figure 1. VMAINS = 277VAC, VO = 450V, PO = 140W D1 BYT13-600 + T R7 Vo=450V VCC 1.1M Po=140W 1% C3 0.47µF/1µF R1 C5 BRIDGE 68K 5% R9 47µF/68µF 4 x BY255 + 510K C1 R9 250V FUSE 5% 0.22µF 1.8M 5 2 1 8 630V 5% R5 10 MOS - L6560 7

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