Part # 54F02 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: 54F 74F02 Quad 2-Input NOR Gate

Part Details:

54F/74F02 54F/74F02 December 1994 54F/74F02 Quad Quad 2-Input NOR Gate General Description 2-Input This device contains four independent gates, each of whichperforms the logic NOR function. Ordering Code: See Section 0 NOR DSXXX Commercial Military Package Package Description Number Gate 74F02PC N14A 14-Lead (0.300" Wide) Molded Dual-In-Line 54F02DM (Note 2) J14A 14-Lead Ceramic Dual-In-Line 74F02SC (Note 1) M14A 14-Lead (0.150" Wide) Molded Small Outline, JEDEC 74F02SJ (Note 1) M14D 14-Lead (0.300" Wide) Molded Small Outline, EIAJ 54F02FM (Note 2) W14B 14-Lead Cerpack 54F02LM (Note 2) E20A 20-Lead Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier, Type C Note 1: Devices also available in 13" reel. Use suffix = SCX and SJX. Note 2: Military grade device with environmental and burn-in processing. Use suffix = DMQB, FMQB and LMQB. Logic Symbol Connection Diagrams IEEE/IEC Pin Assignment for DIP, SOIC and Flatpak DS009455-3 DS009455-2 Pin Assignment for LCC DS009455-1 TRI-STATE® is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation. © 1997 National Semiconductor Corporation DS009455 1 PrintDate=1997/09/03 PrintTime=06:50:37 11240 ds009455 Rev. No. 1 cmserv

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