Part # AD746 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD746 Dual Precision 500 ns Settling BiFET Op Amp

Part Details:

a Dual Precision, 500 ns Settling, BiFET Op Amp AD746 FEATURES CONNECTION DIAGRAM AC PERFORMANCE500 ns Settling to 0.01% for 10 V Step Plastic Mini-DIP (N) 75 V/ s Slew Rate Cerdip (Q) and 0.0001% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Plastic SOIC (R) Packages 13 MHz Gain BandwidthInternal Compensation for Gains of +2 or Greater DC PERFORMANCE0.5 mV max Offset Voltage (AD746B)10 V/ C max Drift (AD746B)175 V/mV min Open Loop Gain (AD746B)2 V p-p Noise, 0.1 Hz to 10 HzAvailable in Plastic Mini-DIP, Cerdip and Surface Mount Packages Available in Tape and Reel in Accordance with EIA-481A Standard MIL-STD-883B Processing also AvailableSingle Version: AD744 APPLICATIONSDual Output Buffers for 12- and 14-Bit DACsInput Buffers for Precision ADCs, Wideband The AD746 is available in three 8-pin packages: plastic mini Preamplifiers and Low Distortion Audio Circuitry DIP, hermetic cerdip and surface mount (SOIC). PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1. The AD746 offers exceptional dynamic response for high The AD746 is a dual operational amplifier, consisting of two speed data acquisition systems. It settles to 0.01% in 500 ns AD744 BiFET op amps on a single chip. These precision and has a 100% tested minimum slew rate of 50 V/µs monolithic op amps offer excellent dc characteristics plus rapid (AD746B). settling times, high slew rates and ample bandwidths. In 2. Outstanding dc precision is provided by a combination of addition, the AD746 provides the close matching ac and dc Analog Devices advanced processing technology, laser wafer characteristics inherent to amplifiers sharing the same drift trimming and well-matched ion-implanted JFETs. Input monolithic die. offset voltage, input bias current and input offset current are The single pole response of the AD746 provides fast settling: specified in the warmed-up condition and are 100% tested. 500 ns to 0.01%. This feature, combined with its high dc 3. Differential and multichannel systems will benefit from the precision, makes it suitable for use as a buffer amplifier for 12- AD746 s very close matching of ac characteristics. Input or 14-bit DACs and ADCs. Furthermore, the AD746 s low total offset voltage specs are fully tested and guaranteed to a harmonic distortion (THD) level of 0.0001% and very close maximum of 0.5 mV (AD746B). matching ac characteristics make it an ideal amplifier for many 4. The AD746 has very close, guaranteed matching of input demanding audio applications. bias current between its two amplifiers. The AD746 is internally compensated for stable operation as a 5. Unity gain stable version AD712 also available.

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