Part # 74LS190 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Motorola


Part Description: 74LS190

Part Details:

SN54/74LS190 PRESETTABLE BCD/DECADE SN54/74LS191 UP/DOWN COUNTERSPRESETTABLE 4-BIT BINARY PRESETTABLE BCD / DECADE UP/DOWN COUNTERS UP / DOWN COUNTERS PRESETTABLE 4-BIT BINARY The SN54 / 74LS190 is a synchronous UP/ DOWN BCD Decade (8421) UP / DOWN COUNTERS Counter and the SN54/ 74LS191 is a synchronous UP / DOWN Modulo-16Binary Counter. State changes of the counters are synchronous with the LOW POWER SCHOTTKY LOW-to-HIGH transition of the Clock Pulse input. An asynchronous Parallel Load (PL) input overrides counting and loads the data present on the Pn inputs into the flip-flops, which makes it possible to usethe circuits as programmable counters. A Count Enable (CE) input serves as J SUFFIX the carry / borrow input in multi-stage counters. An Up / Down Count Control CERAMIC (U/D) input determines whether a circuit counts up or down. A Terminal Count CASE 620-09 (TC) output and a Ripple Clock (RC) output provide overflow/underflow 16 indication and make possible a variety of methods for generating 1 carry / borrow signals in multistage counter applications.· Low Power . . . 90 mW Typical Dissipation · High Speed . . . 25 MHz Typical Count Frequency · N SUFFIX Synchronous Counting PLASTIC · Asynchronous Parallel Load CASE 648-08 · 16 Individual Preset Inputs · 1 Count Enable and Up / Down Control Inputs · Cascadable · Input Clamp Diodes Limit High Speed Termination Effects D SUFFIX SOIC 16 CASE 751B-03 CONNECTION DIAGRAM DIP (TOP VIEW) 1 VCC P0 CP RC TC PL P2 P3 16

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74LS190.pdf Datasheet