Part # TDA7560 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: 4 X 45W quad bridge car radio amplifier plus hsd

Part Details:

TDA7560 4 X 45W QUAD BRIDGE CAR RADIO AMPLIFIER PLUS HSD 1 Features Figure 1. Package SUPERIOR OUTPUT POWER CAPABILITY: 4 x 50W/4 MAX.4 x 45W/4 EIAJ4 x 30W/4 @ 14.4V, 1KHz, 10%4 x 80W/2 MAX. FLEXIWATT25 4 x 77W/2 EIAJ Table 1. Order Codes 4 x 55W/2 @ 14.4V, 1KHz, 10% MULTIPOWER BCD TECHNOLOGY Part Number Package MOSFET OUTPUT POWER STAGE TDA7560 FLEXIWATT25 EXCELLENT 2 DRIVING CAPABILITY HI-FI CLASS DISTORTION OUTPUT DC OFFSET DETECTION LOW OUTPUT NOISE LOAD DUMP VOLTAGE ST-BY FUNCTION FORTUITOUS OPEN GND MUTE FUNCTION REVERSED BATTERY AUTOMUTE AT MIN. SUPPLY VOLTAGE ESD DETECTION LOW EXTERNAL COMPONENT COUNT: 2 Description ­ INTERNALLY FIXED GAIN (26dB)­ NO EXTERNAL COMPENSATION The TDA7560 is a breakthrough BCD (Bipolar / ­ NO BOOTSTRAP CAPACITORS CMOS / DMOS) technology class AB Audio Power ON BOARD 0.35A HIGH SIDE DRIVER Amplifier in Flexiwatt 25 package designed forhigh power car radio. The fully complementary P- 1.1 Protections: Channel/N-Channel output structure allows a rail OUTPUT SHORT CIRCUIT TO GND, TO VS, to rail output voltage swing which, combined with ACROSS THE LOAD high output current and minimised saturation loss- VERY INDUCTIVE LOADS es sets new power references in the car-radio OVERRATING CHIP TEMPERATURE WITH field, with unparalleled distortion performances. SOFT THERMAL LIMITER Figure 2. Block Diagram Vcc1 Vcc2 470µF 100nF ST-BY MUTE

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TDA7560.pdf Datasheet