Part # Brief KITHSEVALSTDL datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: High-speed operational amplifier evaluation board kit

Part Details:

KITHSEVAL/STDL High-speed operational amplifier evaluation board kit The KITHSEVAL/STDL high-speed operationalamplifier evaluation board kit is comprised of: 5 unmounted evaluation boards, a CDROM of documentation, including: ­ a user manual for the boards, ­ datasheets for the supported high-speed operational amplifiers. Each evaluation board allows the user to evaluateone operational amplifier at a time. Eachevaluation board is generic for a given packageand number of channels: The SO14_TRIPLE board supports a triple The SOT23_SINGLE_HF board supports a high-speed op-amp in the SO14 package with single-channel high-speed operational video application considerations. amplifier in the SOT23-5L package. Each of these evaluation boards is unmounted The SO8_SINGLE_HF board supports a single PCB, and must be mounted with the necessary channel high-speed operational amplifier in external components. The choice of these SO8 package. external components depend upon which The SO8_DUAL_HF board supports a dual operational amplifier is being evaluated, as well as high-speed operational amplifier in the SO8 the desired evaluation conditions (desired gain, package. etc.). A layout example is shown for each The S08_S_MULTI board supports a high- demoboard in the user manual on the kit s CD- speed operational amplifier in the SO8 ROM. package for both inverting and non-inverting The high speed operational amplifiers supported configurations, dual or single supplies. by this evaluation board kit are shown in the tablebelow: Part Supported Part Supported Number of channels Number of channels Number Package(s) Number Package(s) TS613 Dual SO8 TSH110 Single SOT23-5L TS616 Dual SO8

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Brief KITHSEVALSTDL.pdf Datasheet