Part # MAX3000E-MAX3012 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX3000E DS

Part Details:

19-2672; Rev 4; 12/06 +1.2V to +5.5V, ±15kV ESD-Protected, 0.1µA, 35Mbps, 8-Channel Level Translators MAX3000E/MAX3001E/MAX3002­MAX3012 General Description Features The MAX3000E/MAX3001E/MAX3002­MAX3012 Guaranteed Data Rate Options 8-channel level translators provide the level shifting nec- 230kbps (MAX3000E) essary to allow data transfer in a multivoltage system. 4Mbps (MAX3001E) Externally applied voltages, VCC and VL, set the logic lev- 20Mbps (MAX3002­MAX3012) els on either side of the device. Logic signals present on Bidirectional Level Translation Without Using a the VL side of the device appear as a higher voltage logic Directional Pin (MAX3000E/MAX3001E/MAX3002/ signal on the VCC side of the device, and vice-versa. MAX3003) The MAX3000E/MAX3001E/MAX3002/MAX3003 use an Unidirectional Level Translation architecture specifically designed to be bidirectional (MAX3004­MAX3012) without the use of a directional pin. Operation Down to +1.2V on VL The MAX3000E/MAX3001E/MAX3002/MAX3004­MAX3012 ±15kV ESD Protection on I/O VCC Lines feature an EN input that, when low, reduces the VCC and (MAX3000E/MAX3001E) VL supply currents to < 2µA. The MAX3000E/MAX3001E Ultra-Low 0.1µA Supply Current in Shutdown also have ±15kV ESD protection on the I/O VCC side for Low Quiescent Current (< 10µA) greater protection in applications that route signalsexternally. The MAX3000E operates at a guaranteed data UCSP, TQFN, and TSSOP Packages rate of 230kbps. The MAX3001E operates at a guaranteeddata rate of 4Mbps. The MAX3002­MAX3012 operate at a Ordering Information guaranteed data rate of 20Mbps over the entire specified PIN- PKG operating voltage range. PART TEMP RANGE PACKAGE CODE The MAX3000E/MAX3001E/MAX3002­MAX3012 accept MAX3000EEUP -40°C to +85°C 20 TSSOP U20-3 VL voltages from +1.2V to +5.5V and VCC voltages from+1.65V to +5.5V, making them ideal for data transfer MAX3000EEBP-T -40°C to +85°C 4 x 5 UCSP

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