Part # MAX965-MAX970 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX965 70 DS

Part Details:

19-1226; Rev 3; 2/07 Single/Dual/Quad, Micropower, Ultra-Low-Voltage, Rail-to-Rail I/O Comparators MAX965­MAX970 General Description ____________________________Features The MAX965­MAX970 single/dual/quad micropower Ultra-Low Single-Supply Operation down to +1.6V comparators feature rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, andfully specified single-supply operation down to +1.6V. Rail-to-Rail Common-Mode Input Voltage Range These devices draw less than 5µA per comparator and 3µA Quiescent Supply Current per Comparator have open-drain outputs that can be pulled beyond VCCto 6V (max) above ground. In addition, their rail-to-rail Open-Drain Outputs Swing Beyond VCC input common-mode voltage range makes these com- 1.235V ±1.5% Precision Internal Reference parators suitable for ultra-low-voltage operation. (MAX965/967/968/969) A +1.6V to +5.5V single-supply operating voltage range 10µs Propagation Delay (50mV overdrive) makes the MAX965 family of comparators ideal for 2-cellbattery-powered applications. The MAX965/MAX967/ Available in Space-Saving Packages: MAX968/MAX969 offer programmable hysteresis and 8-Pin µMAX (MAX965­MAX968) an internal 1.235V ±1.5% reference. All devices are 16-Pin QSOP (MAX969/MAX970) available in either space-saving 8-pin µMAX® or 16-pinQSOP packages. Ordering Information ________________________Applications PIN- PKG PART TEMP RANGE PACKAGE CODE 2-Cell Battery-Powered/Portable Systems MAX965ESA -40°C to +85°C 8 SO S8-2 Window Comparators MAX965EUA-T -40°C to +85°C 8 µMAX-8 U8-1 Threshold Detectors/Discriminators MAX966ESA -40°C to +85°C 8 SO S8-2 Mobile Communications MAX966EUA-T -40°C to +85°C 8 µMAX-8 U8-1

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