Part # LM3544 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM3544 Quad Port USB Power Distribution Switch and Over-Current Protection

Part Details:

LM3544 April 2005 Quad LM3544Quad Port USB Power Distribution Switch and Port Over-Current ProtectionGeneral Description Features USB The LM3544 is a quad high-side power switch that is an n Compatible with USB1.1 and USB 2.0 excellent choice for use in Root, Self-Powered and Bus- n 90m (typ.) High-Side MOSFET Switch Powered USB (Universal Serial Bus) Hubs. Independent n 500mA Continuous Current per Port Power port enables, flag signals to alert USB controllers of error n 7 ms Fault Flag Delay Filters Hot-Plug Events conditions, controlled start-up in hot-plug events, and short n Industry Standard Pin Order circuit protection all satisfy USB requirements. n Short Circuit Protection with Power-Saving Current The LM3544 accepts input voltages between 2.7V and 5.5V. Foldback The Enable logic inputs, available in active-high and active- Distribution n Thermal Shutdown Protection low versions, can be powered off any voltage in the 2.7V to n Undervoltage Lockout 5.5V range. The LM3544 limits the continuous currentthrough a single port to 1.25A (max.) when it is shorted to n Recognized by UL and Nemko CB ground. n Input Voltage Range: 2.7V to 5.5V The low on-state resistance of the LM3544 switches ensures n 5µA Maximum Standby Supply Current the LM3544 will satisfy USB voltage drop requirements, n 16-Pin SOIC Package even when current through a switch reaches 500 mA. Thus, n Ambient Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C High-Powered USB Functions, Low-Powered USB func- Switch tions, and Bus-Powered USB Hubs can all be powered off a Applications Root or Self-Powered USB Hub containing the LM3544. n USB Root, Self-Powered, and Bus-Powered Hubs Added features of the LM3544 include current foldback to n USB Devices such as Monitors and Printers reduce power consumption in current overload conditions, n General Purpose High Side Switch Applications thermal shutdown to prevent device failure caused by high- and current overheating, and undervoltage lockout to keepswitches from operating if the input voltage is below accept-able levels. Over-Current 10120832 10120833 Functional Diagram

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