Part # SMBYT03 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Fast recovery rectifier diodes

Part Details:

® SMBYT03 FAST RECOVERY RECTIFIER DIODES FEATURES VERY LOW REVERSE RECOVERY TIMEVERY LOW SWITCHING LOSSESLOW NOISE TURN-OFF SWITCHINGSURFACE MOUNT DEVICE DESCRIPTION Single high voltage rectifier ranging from 200V to400 V suited for Switch Mode Power Supplies and SMC other power converters. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol Parameter Value Unit IF(RMS) RMS forward current 10 A IF(AV) Average forward current Tl=55°C 3 A = 0.5 IFSM Non repetitive surge peak forward current tp=10ms 60 A sinusoidal Tstg Storage and junction temperature range - 40 to + 150 °C Tj - 40 to + 150 °C Symbol Parameter Value Unit VRRM Repetitive peak reverse voltage 400 V THERMAL RESISTANCE Symbol Parameter Value Unit Rth (j-l) Junction-leads 20 °C/W October 1999 - Ed : 2C

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SMBYT03.pdf Datasheet