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ST Microelectronics


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AN2095 APPLICATION NOTE VIPower: VNH2SP30 FOR WINDOW LIFT WITH ANTIPINCH ROUTINE 1. ABSTRACT to free the obstacle by moving the window in the opposite direction. In recent years there has been a marked increase Existing solutions are either mechanical or in the electronic content of automobiles, with a electromechanical. With the mechanical solution, proliferation of new applications that enhanceperformance, safety and comfort. This has the pinch detection is performed with a switch built resulted in the installation of a large number of in the weather strip located in the window post. electronic modules in various locations throughout The switch is normally off and turns on when the car, together with a large quantity of wiring. pressure is applied to the weather strip. This According to the rules of space saving and weight solution is simple but the weather strip is reduction the Electrical System Architecture is expensive and implies some mounting and moving from individual electronic control modules maintenance complexity. In some cases this and centralized systems to a decentralized method does not meet the safety norms: For approach. instance if the shape of the window presents anacute angle, the force is not applied in orthogonal In addition, the reduction of cost assembly and the direction with respect to the strip surface (see improvement of the whole system reliabilityrequire transferring inside the electronic module figure 1), therefore the pressure necessary to many functions that used to be electro- activate the switch could either not be reached or mechanically performed. The result of these could be higher than what specified by the norms. trends is that the specifications of the Alternative solutions are based on motor speed decentralized electronic modules include more monitoring by means of speed sensors (hall effect and more complex features such as self- sensors, encoder, etc.). A pinch condition is decisional safety operations, diagnostic, detected via the variation of the speed of the protection and communication capability via the motor. The motor is controlled with a relay that standard automotive protocols (LIN, CAN). turns on the motor with the full battery. The forceapplied to the obstacle at start up can reach the Nowadays many automatic features activate maximum value as the motor starts with the shutting system, like windows and doors. This maximum torque. implies a risk of accident, as for instance a part ofthe human body or of animal that remains trapped Vbat

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