Part # Brief STEVAL-ILL009V4 STEVAL-ILL009V3 STEVAL-ILL009V1 STLM20 STP04CM596 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: OSRAM Golden DRAGON® LEDs board

Part Details:

STEVAL-ILL009V4 OSRAM Golden DRAGON® LEDs board Data Brief Features LED package: white SMT package, colorless clear silicone resin Feature of the device: point lightsource with high luminous efficiency and low space Grouping parameter: luminous flux wavelength radiant power ESD-withstand voltage: up to 2 kV acc. to JESD22-A114-B Description This board is an option to the STEVAL-ILL009V3. STEVAL-ILL009V4 As a light source, there are four Golden ® DRAGON LEDs used with a maximum forward current of 350 mA. The STEVAL-ILL009V1 can ® drive eight Golden DRAGON LEDs. To demonstrate the driving capability of the STP04CM596, only four LEDs are used on the load board. This means that one STP04CM596 driver is not used. The STLM20 temperature sensor is assembled in the middle of the LEDs to protect against overheating. November 2007 Rev 1 1/4 For further information contact your local STMicroelectronics sales office. 4 Board schematic STEVAL-ILL009V4 1 Board schematic Figure 1. Schematic R4 R 10 1 U_r = U_s - U_f_red = 4 - 2,6 = 1,4V R5 R 10 1 R = U_r / I = 1,4 / 0.35 = 4 Ohms => 3.3 Ohms used (R4||R5||R6) R6 R 10 1 R1 G1a G1b B1 VCC Temperature sensor IO I 5 O 4 3 C7

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Brief STEVAL-ILL009V4 STEVAL-ILL009V3 STEVAL-ILL009V1 STLM20 STP04CM596.pdf Datasheet