Part # LM2716 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2716 Dual (Step-Up and Step-Down) PWM DC DC Converter

Part Details:

LM2716 November 2005 Dual LM2716Dual (Step-Up and Step-Down) PWM DC/DC Converter (Step-Up General Description Features The LM2716 is composed of two PWM DC/DC converters. A n Fixed 3.3V buck converter with a 1.8A, 0.16, internal buck (step-down) converter is used to generate a fixed out- switch put voltage of 3.3V. A boost (step-up) converter is used to n Adjustable boost converter with a 3.6A, 0.12, internal generate an adjustable output voltage. Both converters fea- switch and ture low R (0.16 and 0.12) internal switches for DSON n Adjustable boost output voltage up to 20V maximum efficiency. Operating frequency can be adjusted n Operating input voltage range of 4V to 20V anywhere between 300kHz and 600kHz allowing the use of n Input undervoltage protection Step-Down) small external components. External soft-start pins for each n 300kHz to 600kHz pin adjustable operating frequency enables the user to tailor the soft-start times to a specificapplication. Each converter may also be shut down indepen- n Over temperature protection dently with its own shutdown pin. The LM2716 is available in n Small 24-Lead TSSOP package a low profile 24-lead TSSOP package. n Patented current limit circuitry Applicationsn TFT-LCD Displays PWM n Handheld Devices n Portable Applications n Cellular Phones/Digital Camers DC/DC Typical Application Circuit Converter 20071201 © 2005 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200712 Connection Diagram LM2716 Top View 20071204 24-Lead TSSOP Ordering Information Order Number Package Type NSC Package Drawing

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