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AN1732 - APPLICATION NOTE ® VIPower: 28W LOW COST WIDE RANGE POWER SUPPLY FOR LCD MONITOR OR TV USING VIPer53 C. Spini This paper describes a reference design for a 28W Switch Mode Power Supply dedicated to LCDmonitors or TV sets. The board accepts full range input voltage (90 to 265Vrms) and delivers 4 outputs. Itis based on the new VIPer53, integrating the controller and the Mosfet in a DIP-8 (VIPer53DIP) or in aPowerSO-10 package (VIPer53SP). 1. INTRODUCTION The LCD monitors and TVs are becoming very popular all over the world thanks to their performancesand compactness. Thus, the market asks for cost effectiveness, good performances, low noise andcompact power supplies to feed this kind of applications. The VIPer53 is a very suitable device,satisfying all the requirements with just few external components. The proposed reference design can supply an LCD monitor or even an LCD-TV, with 15" or 17" panelsand 2 lamps for backlight together with multimedia functions like audio. The SMPS accepts a full rangeinput voltage and it can deliver four output voltages dedicated to the scaler (3.3V), to the µP (7V), to thebacklight and audio (12V), and to the TV tuner (35V). The stand-by performance is very good, and thepower consumption during stand-by is 800mW at 230Vac. The circuit is also full protected against faultslike output short circuit or overvoltage. The design has been done with a particular attention to the finalcost of the solution, so the PCB has been designed single layer, and the circuit has no any heat sink. Thetechnology used is the standard thru-holes, but it can be changed very easily in SMT because most ofthe components are available also in this technology. The circuit has been tested deeply in all the mostrelevant aspects with positive results and it has been integrated with a 15" LCD-TV application withoutshowing any problem. Table 1: Main characteristics Input Voltage Vin:90 - 264Vrms f:45-66 Hz 3.3V±2% at 1A - Dedicated to panel and digital circuitry for scaling 7V±8% at 0.2A - Dedicated to post-regulator for microprocessor Output Voltages 12V±8% at 2A - Dedicated to backlight lamp inverters, audio and SCART 35V±10% at 10mA - Dedicated to tuner for TV-LCD Stand-by Input power less than 1W at 230Vac, delivering 30mA on 7V Obsolete Product(s) - Obsolete Product(s) Overcurrent Protection On all outputs, with auto-restart at short removal Pcb Type & Size Cu Single Side 35 µm, CEM-1, 130 x 70 mm Safety According to EN60950, creepage and clearance minimum distance 6.4mm Emc According to EN50022 Class B September 2003 1/22 AN1732 - APPLICATION NOTE Electrical Diagram 90-264V MO C LEX ON1 2 rms 1 2 3K R1 65- 3 10N C1 1% 8 2 15N C1 FU

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