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Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: . AD53508

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a PPMU Circuit AD53508 FEATURES The device provides a remote force/sense capability to ensure Dual Measurement Channels accuracy at the tester pin. A guard output is available to drive Precision Four-Quadrant-Per-Pin V/I Source the shield of a force/sense pair. Programmable Current Force Ranges Two input references per channel permit controlled switching to 204.8 A and 2.048 mA different voltage or current levels. The forced voltage or current Five Current Measurement Ranges levels can be switched back to the measurement system to read 204.8 nA to 2.048 mA back the analog levels for system calibration. Output Voltage Range: ­4 V to +9 VPower Supplies: +15 V, +5 V, and ­10 V The circuit is powered by +15 V, +5 V, and ­10 V supplies and 44-Lead Plastic J-Leaded Chip Carrier Package dissipates 230 mW nominally. APPLICATIONS Recommended Use of the PPMU with AD53032 DCL Can Be Used with the AD53032 DCL to Extend Current The PPMU can be used with the AD53032 DCL to extend the Force Range to 35 mA Current Force Range beyond 2 mA VCOM can be set to themaximum spec allowance of 8 V, which would allow the maxi-mum Current Force of IOL of 35 mA. The combination of the GENERAL DESCRIPTIONThe AD53508 is a custom dual-channel parametric measure- PPMU and the DCL would have a few benefits including: ment circuit for use in semiconductor automatic test equipment. 1. Accurately measuring low currents. It contains programmable modes to force a pin voltage and 2. Can take parallel measurements by using one PMU per pin. measure its current or to integrate and hold a current value.Alternatively, a current can be forced and the compliance volt-age measured. FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM SENSE S8 SENSE AD53508 S9 EXT RC S6 40pF DAC1 MAIN C1 S7 S10 INT/IM DAC2 S11 ENABLE VF S4 FORCE

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