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Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


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STLVDS051 High speed differential line drivers and receivers Feature summary I Meets or exceed the requirements of ansi eia/tia-644-1995 standard I Signaling rates up to 400Mbit/s I Bus terminal ESD exceeds 6kV I Operates from a single 3.3V supply I Low-voltage differential signaling with typical output voltage of 350mV and a 100 load TSSOP I Propagation delay times: Driver: 2ns (typ)Receiver: 3ns (typ) I Power dissipation at 200MHz: Driver: 25mW (typ)Receiver: 60mW (typ) I LVTTL input levels are 5V tolerant The intended application of this device an I Receiver has open-circuit fail-safe signaling technique is for point-to-point baseband data transmission over controlled impedance Description media of approximately 100 characteristic impedance. The STLVDS051 is differential line drivers and The transmission media may be printed-circuit receivers that use low-voltage differential board traces, backplanes, or cables. (Note: The signaling (LVDS) to achieve signaling rate as high ultimate rate and distance of data transfer is as 400Mbps. dependent upon the attenuation characteristics of The EIA/TIA-644 standard compliant electrical the media, the noise coupling to the environment, interface provides a minimum differential output and other application specific characteristics). voltage magnitude of 247mV into a 100 load . and receipt of 100mV signals with up to 1V of ground potential difference between a transmitter and receiver. Obsolete Product(s) - Obsolete Product(s) Order codes Temperature Part number Package Comments Range STLVDS051BTR -40 to 85 °C TSSOP16 (Tape & Reel) 2500 parts per reel March 2006 Rev. 4 1/15 15 STLVDS051 Contents

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