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Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: 12 Channels PSE evaluation board

Part Details:

STE12PSEVAL 12 Channels PSE evaluation board Data Brief Features 12 Channels PSE system Configurable Alternative A (MDI) or Alternative B(All) 12 Standard ports(15W) or 6 Boosted ports(30W) configuration Test with Ethernet traffic injection can be performed Board can be controlled from PC via parallel port Description The STE12PS evaluation board (STE12PSEVAL) allows the user to test and analyze the STE12PS capability fully integrated in a PSE system. The board realizes a 12 ports PSE system using the ST12PS device. The board can work fully autonomously (AUTO mode) or can be monitored and controlled using I2C commands generated by the supplied software. The STE12PSEVAL is connected to the users PC via a parallel port. Technical documentationThe following technical documentation is available Kit contents For STE12PS ­ STE12PS ­ Datasheet The STE12EVAL contains the following items: ­ UM0301 ­ STE12PS register description STE12PSEVAL board STE12PS rev2 evaluation board CD with STE12PS I2C controller GUI and the ­ UM0305 ­ Board user manual technical documentation ­ UM0307 ­ I2C controller GUI user manual Parallel cable November 2006 Rev 1 1/3 For further information contact your local STMicroelectronics sales office. 3 Ordering information STE12PSEVAL Ordering information Table 1. Order codes Part number Description STE12PSEVAL Evaluation board Revision history Table 2. Document revision history Date Revision Changes

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