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Analog Devices

Part Description: AD725 Data Sheet

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a Low Cost RGB to NTSC/PAL Encoder with Luma Trap Port AD725 FEATURES PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Composite Video Output: Both NTSC and PAL The AD725 is a very low cost general purpose RGB to NTSC/ Chrominance and Luminance (S-Video) Outputs PAL encoder that converts red, green and blue color compo- Luma Trap Port to Eliminate Cross Color Artifacts nent signals into their corresponding luminance (baseband TTL Logic Levels amplitude) and chrominance (subcarrier amplitude and phase) Integrated Delay Line and Auto-Tuned Filters signals in accordance with either NTSC or PAL standards. Drives 75 Reverse-Terminated Loads These two outputs are also combined on-chip to provide a Low Power +5 V Operation composite video output. All three outputs are available sepa- Power-Down to <1 A rately at voltages of twice the standard signal levels as re- Very Low Cost quired for driving 75 , reverse-terminated cables. APPLICATIONS The AD725 features a luminance trap (YTRAP) pin that pro- RGB/VGA to NTSC/PAL Encoding vides a means of reducing cross color generated by subcarrier Personal Computers/Network Computers frequency components found in the luminance signal. For por- Video Games table or other power-sensitive applications, the device can be Video Conference Cameras powered down to less than 1 µA of current consumption. All Digital Still Cameras logic levels are TTL compatible thus supporting the logic re-quirements of 3 V CMOS systems. The AD725 is packaged in a low cost 16-lead SOIC and oper-ates from a +5 V supply. FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM NTSC/PAL HSYNC CSYNC SYNC XNOR VSYNC CSYNC SEPARATOR BURST 4FSC NTSC/PAL 4FSC CLOCK FSC 90 C FSC 90 C/270 C 180 C 4FSC QUADRATURE

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