Part # Brief STZ150NF55T datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: N-channel temperature sensing 55V - P²PAK SAFeFET™ MOSF

Part Details:

STZ150NF55T N-CHANNEL TEMPERATURE SENSING 55V - P²PAK SAFeFETTM MOSFET DATA BRIEF General features Package Type VDSSS RDS(on) ID STZ150NF55T 55 V <9 m 40 A(1) s INTEGRATED ESD PROTECTION 5 s INTEGRATED TEMPERATURE SENSING 1 s STANDARD VGS(th) LEVEL P²PAK s 175°C JUNCTION TEMPERATURE Internal schematic diagram Applications s HIGH CURRENT SWITCHING Order codes Sales Type Marking Package Packaging STZ150NF55T Z150NF55T P²PAK TAPE & REEL Rev 1 July 2005 1/7 7 1 Absolute maximum ratings STZ150NF55T 1 Absolute maximum ratings Table 1. Absolute maximum ratings Symbol Parameter Value

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Brief STZ150NF55T.pdf Datasheet