Part # LMH6551 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMH6551 Differential, High Speed Op Amp

Part Details:

LMH6551 February 2005 LMH6551 Differential, Differential, High Speed Op AmpGeneral Description Features The LMHTM6551 is a high performance voltage feedback n 370 MHz -3 dB bandwidth (V = 0.5 V ) OUT PP differential amplifier. The LMH6551 has the high speed and n 50 MHz 0.1 dB bandwidth low distortion necessary for driving high performance ADCs n 2400 V/µs slew Rate as well as the current handling capability to drive signals High n 18 ns settling time to 0.05% over balanced transmission lines like CAT 5 data cables. The n -94/-96 dB HD2/HD3 @ 5 MHz LMH6551 can handle a wide range of video and data for-mats. Applications Speed With external gain set resistors, the LMH6551 can be usedat any desired gain. Gain flexibility coupled with high speed n Differential AD driver makes the LMH6551 suitable for use as an IF amplifier in n Video over twisted pair high performance communications equipment. n Differential line driver The LMH6551 is available in the space saving SOIC and n Single end to differential converter Op MSOP packages. n High speed differential signaling n IF/RF amplifier Amp n SAW filter buffer/driver Typical Application 20133210 Single Ended Input Differential Output. Gain = AV=RF/RG Where VIN is measured single ended and VOUT is measured differentially. (Each individual output will equal ± VIN/2.) LMHTM is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation. © 2005 National Semiconductor Corporation DS201332 Connection Diagram 8-Pin SOIC & MSOP LMH6551 20133208 Top View Ordering Information Package Part Number

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