Part # MAX821-MAX822T datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX821 822 DS

Part Details:

19-1122; Rev 3; 12/05 4-Pin µP Voltage Monitors with Pin-Selectable Power-On Reset Timeout Delay MAX821/MAX822 General Description Features The MAX821/MAX822 microprocessor (µP) supervisory Pin-Selectable, Precision Power-On Reset Delay: circuits monitor power supplies in µP and digital sys- 1ms (max), 20ms (min), or 100ms (min) tems. They provide excellent circuit reliability and lowcost by eliminating external components and adjust- Precision Monitoring of +3V to +5V Power-Supply ments when used with 5V-powered or 3V-powered cir- Voltages cuits. The MAX821/MAX822 also provide a power-on 2.5µA Supply Current reset timeout delay that is pin selectable to 1ms (max),20ms (min), or 100ms (min). Guaranteed Over Temperature (-40°C to +125°C) These devices perform a single function: they assert a Guaranteed RESET Valid to VCC = 1V (MAX821) reset signal whenever the VCC supply voltage falls Power-Supply Transient Immunity below a preset threshold, and they keep reset assertedfor the pin-selected reset timeout delay after V No External Components CC has risen above the reset threshold. The only difference SOT143 Package between the two devices is that the MAX821 has anactive-low RESET output (which is guaranteed to be in Ordering Information the correct state for VCC down to 1V), while theMAX822 has an active-high RESET output. The reset PART NOMINAL VTH (V) TOP MARK* comparator is designed to ignore fast transients on MAX821LUS-T 4.63 AZ_ _ VCC. Reset thresholds suitable for operation with a vari- MAX821MUS-T 4.38 BA_ _ ety of supply voltages are available. MAX821PUS-T 4.00 BM_ _ Low supply current makes the MAX821/MAX822 ideal MAX821TUS-T 3.08 BB_ _ for use in portable equipment. These devices come in a MAX821SUS-T 2.93 BC_ _ 4-pin SOT143 package. MAX821UUS-T

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