Part # Brief STV6418 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Audio video switch and 6-channel SD PS HD video filter

Part Details:

STV6418 Audio/video switch and 6-channel SD/PS/HD video filter Data Brief Features ­ Audio section I²C bus control ­ 3 stereo inputs, 2 stereo outputs Interrupt or auto-startup mode: low power ­ Stereo-to-mono sound capability consumption ­ Differential or single-ended audio encoder input Video section ­ Selectable gain on one stereo input ­ 3 CVBS inputs, 2 CVBS outputs ­ Full-range volume control with soft control ­ 3 Y/C inputs, 3 Y/C outputs ­ Audio muting on all outputs ­ Integrated 150 buffers­ 2 RGB/1 FB inputs, one high impedance RGB/FB output with 6 dB adjustable gain (from +3 dB to +9 dB) ­ 2 YPrPb inputs, 1 YPrPb/RGB HD output ­ AC- or DC-coupled video outputs SCART1 (TV) STV6418 R/C R/Pr/C R/C/Pr, G/C, B/Pb G G/Y B B/Pb Switches + Filter FAST BLANK CVBS CVBS/Y AUDIO L C MPEG AUDIO R DECODER C, Y, CVBS/Y AUDIO L CVBS/Y AUDIO R Switches + Filter AUDIO L Y AUDIO R INTERRUPT SLOW BLANK I²C Audio Switches AUDIO L

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Brief STV6418.pdf Datasheet