Part # STV9937 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: 120-MHz OSD for Monitors including PictureBooST and 4 Independent Window Displays

Part Details:

® STV9937 120-MHz On-Screen Display for Monitors including PictureBooSTTM and 4 True Independent Window Displays DATASHEET Main Features Horizontal frequency up to 150 kHz I²C interface for microcontrollers with slave address BA(h) in Read and Write modes PictureBoostä Pixel clock (FPIXEL1) for the PictureBooSTä (PB) from 30 to 60 MHz synchronised either on Hsync or on Hfly: CLK1 PDIP 24 (Plastic Dual In line Shrink Package) ORDER CODE: STV9937P/AA Window position programmable by RGB or I2C interface 496 standard and 16 multi-color characters or Video Analog inputs with comparator on graphic fonts in ROM. Character fonts can be three channels customized using a mask-programmable Three 8 bit registers for other data, ROM programmable by RGB Characters OSD Common character height and row space. Character height from 18 to 127 lines and On-chip Pixel Clock Generator (FPIXEL2) from space lines from 0 to 62 split above and below 7.68 MHz to 120 MHz, CLK2 character rows OSD clock synchronized on Hsync or Hfly 12 x 18 dot matrix per character Programmable horizontal resolutions from Display of up to 640 characters 384 to 1524 dots per scan line Programmable shadow effects for characters 4 independent windows all with character in each separate window display 32 programmable background, foreground, Overlapping windows with automatic control blinking character colors for characters (8 of display priorities and scrolling menu possibilities per window) effects 8 selectable colors for standard characters Independent and programmable displays, positions and sizes for each window Transparent and 8 selectable colors for background Transparent or 8 programmable background Obsolete Product(s) - Obsolete Product(s)

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STV9937.pdf Datasheet