Part # 8 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Atmel


Part Description: 8 16 Bit MCU with Serial Communication Interfaes

Part Details:

Features· Pin and Software Compatibility with Standard 80C51 Products and 80C51Fx/Rx/Rx+ · Plug-In Replacement of Intel s 8xC251Sx · C251 Core: Intel s MCS®251 D-step Compliance · 40-byte Register File · Registers Accessible as Bytes, Words or Dwords · Three-stage Instruction Pipeline · 16-bit Internal Code Fetch · Enriched C51 Instruction Set · 16-bit and 32-bit ALU · Compare and Conditional Jump Instructions 8/16-bit · Expanded Set of Move Instructions · Linear Addressing Microcontroller · 1 Kbyte of On-Chip RAM · External Memory Space (Code/Data) Programmable from 64 kilobytes to 256 kilobytes with Serial · TSC87251G2D: 32 kilobytes of On-Chip EPROM/OTPROM ­ SINGLE PULSE Programming Algorithm · TSC83251G2D: 32 kilobytes of On-Chip Masked ROM Communication · TSC80251G2D: ROMless Version · Four 8-bit Parallel I/O Ports (Ports 0, 1, 2 and 3 of the Standard 80C51) Interfaces · Serial I/O Port: Full Duplex UART (80C51 Compatible) With Independent Baud Rate Generator · SSLC: Synchronous Serial Link Controller · TWI Multi-master Protocol TSC80251G2D · Wire and SPI Master and Slave Protocols · Three 16-bit Timers/Counters (Timers 0, 1 and 2 of the Standard 80C51) TSC83251G2D · EWC: Event and Waveform Controller · Compatible with Intel s Programmable Counter Array (PCA) TSC87251G2D · Common 16-bit Timer/Counter Reference with Four Possible Clock Sources (Fosc/4, Fosc/12, Timer 1 and External Input) AT80251G2D · Five Modules, Each with Four Programmable Modes: ­ 16-bit Software Timer/Counter AT83251G2D ­ 16-bit Timer/Counter Capture Input and Software Pulse Measurement­ High-speed Output and 16-bit Software Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)­ 8-bit Hardware PWM Without Overhead AT87251G2D · 16-bit Watchdog Timer/Counter Capability · Secure 14-bit Hardware Watchdog Timer · Power Management · Power-On Reset (Integrated on the Chip) · Power-Off Flag (Cold and Warm Resets) · Software Programmable System Clock · Idle Mode · Power-down Mode · Keyboard Interrupt Interface on Port 1 · Non Maskable Interrupt Input (NMI) · Real-Time Wait States Inputs (WAIT#/AWAIT#) · ONCE Mode and Full Speed Real-time In-circuit Emulation Support (Third Party

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8.pdf Datasheet