Part # MAX2029 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX2029 DS

Part Details:

19-1017; Rev 0; 10/07 High-Linearity, 815MHz to 1000MHz Upconversion/ Downconversion Mixer with LO Buffer/Switch MAX2029 General Description Features The MAX2029 high-linearity passive upconverter or 815MHz to 1000MHz RF Frequency Range downconverter mixer is designed to provide +36.5dBm 570MHz to 900MHz LO Frequency Range IIP3, 6.7dB NF, and 6.5dB conversion loss for an 815MHz 960MHz to 1180MHz LO Frequency Range to 1000MHz RF frequency range to support GSM/cellular (Refer to the MAX2031 Data Sheet) base-station transmitter or receiver applications. With a DC to 250MHz IF Frequency Range 570MHz to 900MHz LO frequency range, this particular 6dB/6.5dB (Upconverter/Downconverter) mixer is ideal for low-side LO injection architectures. For a Conversion Loss pin-to-pin-compatible mixer meant for high-side LO injec- 36.5dBm/39dBm (Downconverter/Upconverter) tion, refer to the MAX2031 data sheet. Input IP3 In addition to offering excellent linearity and noise perfor- +25dBm/+27dBm (Upconverter/Downconverter) mance, the MAX2029 also yields a high level of compo- Input 1dB Compression Point nent integration. This device includes a double-balanced 6.7dB Noise Figure passive mixer core, a dual-input LO selectable switch, Integrated LO Buffer and an LO buffer. On-chip baluns are also integrated to Integrated RF and LO Baluns allow for a single-ended RF input for downconversion (or Low -3dBm to +3dBm LO Drive RF output for upconversion), and single-ended LO inputs.The MAX2029 requires a nominal LO drive of 0dBm, and Built-In SPDT LO Switch with 53dB Isolation and 50ns Switching Time supply current is guaranteed to be below 100mA. Pin Compatible with the MAX2039/MAX2041 The MAX2029 is pin compatible with the MAX2039, 1700MHz to 2200MHz Mixers MAX2041, MAX2042, MAX2044 series of 1700MHz to External Current-Setting Resistor Provides Option 2200MHz, 2000MHz to 3000MHz, and 3200MHz to for Operating Mixer in Reduced-Power/Reduced- 3900MHz mixers, making this family of passive upcon- Performance Mode verters and downconverters ideal for applications Lead-Free Package Available where a common printed-circuit board (PCB) layout isused for multiple frequency bands. Ordering Information The MAX2029 is available in a compact 20-pin thin PKG

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