Part # KA5S0765C datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Motorola


Part Description: KA5S-SERIES Fairchild Power Switch (FPS)

Part Details: KA5S-SERIES KA5S0765C/KA5S0965/KA5S12656/KA5S1265 Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) Features TO-220-5L · Wide Operating Frequency Range Up to 150kHz· Lowest Cost SMPS Solution· Lowest External Components· Low Start-up Current (Max:170µA) 1 · Low Operating Current (Max:12mA)· Internal High Voltage SenseFET TO-3P-5L · Over Voltage Protection With Latch Mode (Min23V)· Over Load Protection With Latch Mode· Over Current Protection With Latch Mode· Internal Thermal Protection With Latch Mode· Pulse By Pulse Over Current Limiting· Under Voltage Lockout With Hysteresis 1 · External Sync. Terminal 1. Drain 2. Gnd 3. VCC 4. FeedBack 5. Sync. Internal Block Diagram VCC Drain 3 1 VCC UVLO + Bias Vref VREF UVLO - + - 15/9V 2.5V SenseFET Soft Start - 5 CLK & Sync OSC + VREF 7V 6V S Q Feedback 4 - 2.5V R 0.95mA + R VREF V Voffset CC VS

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KA5S0765C.pdf Datasheet