Part # AD5228 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD5228 32-Position Manual Up/Down Control Potentiometer Data Sheet (Rev. A)

Part Details:

32-Position Manual Up/Down Control Potentiometer AD5228 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 32-position digital potentiometer 10 k, 50 k, 100 k end-to-end terminal resistance UP/DOWN D AD5228 V CONTROL E DD Simple manual up/down control LOGIC C O Self-contained, requires only 2 pushbutton tactile switches D A R1 R2 E Built-in adaptive debouncer DISCRETE W Discrete step-up/step-down control STEP/AUTO SCAN DETECT B Autoscan up/down control with 4 steps per second PUSH-UP BUTTON Pin-selectable zero-scale/midscale preset PU Low potentiometer mode tempco, 5 ppm/°C ADAPTIVE ZERO- OR MID- PD DEBOUNCER SCALE PRESET Low rheostat mode tempco, 35 ppm/°C PUSH-DOWN Digital control compatible BUTTON 04422-0-001 Ultralow power, IDD = 0.4 A typ and 3 A max PRE GND Low operating voltage, 2.7 V to 5.5 V Automotive temperature range, -40°C to +105°C

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AD5228.pdf Datasheet