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Analog Devices

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a LC2MOS 5 s 8-Bit ADC with Track/Hold AD7575 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Fast Conversion Time: 5 sOn-Chip Track/Hold VDD Low Total Unadjusted Error: 1 LSB TRACK Full Power Signal Bandwidth: 50 kHz AD7575 AIN AND Single +5 V Supply HOLD COMP 100 ns Data Access Time AGND Low Power (15 mW typ) V DAC REF Low CostStandard 18-Lead DlPs or 20-Terminal CLOCK Surface Mount Packages CLK SAR OSCILLATOR CS DB7 LATCH AND CONTROL RD THREE STATE LOGIC OUTPUT DRIVERS TP DB0 GENERAL DESCRIPTION BUSY DGND The AD7575 is a high speed 8-bit ADC with a built-in track/hold function. The successive approximation conversion tech- PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS nique is used to achieve a fast conversion time of 5 µs, while the 1. Fast Conversion Time/Low Power built-in track/hold allows full-scale signals up to 50 kHz (386 mV/µs The fast, 5 µs, conversion time of the AD7575 makes it slew rate) to be digitized. The AD7575 requires only a single +5 V suitable for digitizing wideband signals at audio and ultra- supply and a low cost, 1.23 V bandgap reference in order to convert sonic frequencies while retaining the advantage of low an input signal range of 0 to 2 VREF. CMOS power consumption. The AD7575 is designed for easy interfacing to all popular 8-bit

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