Part # LNBK20 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: NB supply and control voltage regulator (parallel interface)

Part Details:

LNBK20 LNB supply and control voltage regulator (parallel interface) Feature summary Complete interface for two LNBs remote supply and control LNB selection and stand-by function Built-in tone oscillator factory trimmed at 22KHz Fast oscillator start-up facilitates DiSEqCTM encoding PowerSO-20 SO-20 Two supply inputs for lowest dissipation Bypass function for slave operation LNB short circuit protection and diagnostic Auxiliary modulation input extends flexibility via the coaxial cable. It has the same functionality of the LNBP1X and LNBP20 series, at a reduced Cable length compensation output current capability. Since most satellite Internal over temperature protection receivers have two antenna ports, the output Backward current protection voltage of the regulator is available at one of two logic-selectable output pins (LNBA, LNBB). When the IC is powered and put in Stand-by (EN pin Description LOW), both regulator outputs are disabled to Intended for analog and digital satellite receivers, allow the antenna downconverters to be the LNBK is a monolithic linear voltage regulator, supplied/controlled by others satellite receivers assembled in PowerSO-20 and SO-20, sharing the same coaxial lines. In this occurrence specifically designed to provide the powering the device will limit at 3 mA (max) the backward voltages and the interfacing signals to the LNB current that could flow from LNBA and LNBB downconverter situated in the antenna output pins to GND. (See continuous description). Order code Packages Part number Packaging PowerSO-20 SO-20 LNBK20 LNBK20PD-TR LNBK20D2-TR Tape & Reel February 2007 Rev. 8 1/25 25 LNBK20 Contents

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