Part # MAX4397 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX4397 DS

Part Details:

19-3618; Rev 3; 5/07 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Audio/Video Switch for Dual SCART Connectors MAX4397 General Description Features The MAX4397 dual SCART switch matrix routes audio Video Outputs Drive 2VP-P into 150 and video signals between an MPEG encoder and twoexternal SCART connectors under I2C control, and Audio Outputs Drive 3VRMS into 10k meets the requirements of EN50049-1, IEC 933-1, Clickless, Popless Audio Gain Control Canal+, and BSkyB standards. and Switching The video and audio channels feature input source AC-Coupled Video Inputs with Internal Clamp selection multiplexers, input buffers, and output buffersfor routing all inputs to selected outputs. The MAX4397D and Bias audio encoder input is differential DC-coupled, while the DC-Coupled Video Outputs MAX4397S audio encoder input is single-ended AC- coupled. Except for the MAX4397D s audio encoder Composite Video Signal Created Internally from input, all other inputs and outputs are AC-coupled with Y/C Inputs internal DC-biasing set to predefined levels. Internal Video Reconstruction Filters Provide The MAX4397 provides programmable gain control from -40dB at 27MHz +5dB to +7dB in 1dB steps for Red, Green, and Blue Differential (MAX4397D) or Single-Ended component video signals. All other video outputs have afixed +6dB gain. Additional features include an internal (MAX4397S) Audio Encoder Input Luma and Chroma (Y/C) mixer that generates a Red/Chroma Switch for Bidirectional I/O Composite video signal (CVBS) to supply an RF modulator output, and internal video reconstruction low- I2C-Programmable RGB Gain from +5dB to +7dB pass filters with passband ripple between -1dB and I2C-Programmable Audio Gain Control from +6dB +1dB from 100kHz to 5.5MHz. The MAX4397 TV audio to -56dB channel features clickless switching and programmablevolume control from -56dB to +6dB in 2dB steps. The Meets EN50049-1, IEC 933-1, Canal+, and BSkyB VCR audio output also has programmable gain for Requirements -6dB, 0dB, or +6dB. The device also generates monaural audio from left and right stereo inputs.All audio drivers deliver a 3.0VRMS minimum output. Ordering Information The MAX4397 operates with standard 5V and 12Vpower supplies and supports slow-switching and fast- TEMP PKG switching signals. The I2C interface programs the gain PART PIN-PACKAGE

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