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Analog Devices

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a 32-Channel 14-Bit DAC with High-Speed 3-Wire Serial Interface AD5532HS* FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION High Integration: 32-Channel DAC in 12 12 mm2 LFBGA The AD5532HS is a 32-channel voltage-output 14-bit DAC Guaranteed Monotonic with a high-speed serial interface. The selected DAC register is DSP-/Microcontroller-Compatible Serial Interface written to via the 3-wire interface. The serial interface operates Channel Update Rate 1.1 MHz at clock rates up to 30 MHz and is compatible with DSP and Output Impedance 0.5 microcontroller interface standards. The output voltage range is Selectable Output Voltage 0 V to 5 V or ­2.5 V to +2.5 V 0 V to 5 V or ­2.5 V to +2.5 V and is determined by the offset Asynchronous RESET Facility voltage at the OFFS_IN pin. It is restricted to a range from Temperature Range ­40 C to +85 C VSS + 2 V to VDD ­ 2 V because of the headroom of the out-put amplifier. APPLICATIONSOptical Networks The device is operated with AVCC = 5 V ± 5%, DVCC = 2.7 V Level Setting to 5.25 V, VSS = ­4.75 V to ­12 V and VDD = +4.75 V to +12 V Instrumentation and requires a stable 2.5 V reference on REF_IN. Automatic Test EquipmentIndustrial Control Systems PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Data Acquisition 1. 32 14-bit DACs in one package, guaranteed monotonic. Low Cost I/O 2. The AD5532HS is available in a 74-ball LFBGA package with a body size of 12 mm by 12 mm. FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM DV V CC AVCC REF_IN OFFS_IN DD VSS R AD5532HS R VOUT0 DAC S RESET U R R DAC_GND

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