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Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD22050 data sheet

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a Single-Supply Sensor Interface Amplifier AD22057 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Gain of 20. Alterable from 1 to 160Input CMR from Below Ground to 6 (VS ­ 1 V) +VS OFS A1 A2 Output Span 20 mV to (VS ­ 0.2) V1-, 2-, 3-Pole Low-Pass Filtering Available AD22057 Accurate Midscale Offset CapabilityDifferential Input Resistance 400 k IN+ A1 A2 Drives 1 k Load to +4 V Using V OUT S = +5 V IN­ Supply Voltage: +3.0 V to +36 VTransient Spike Protection and RFI Filters IncludedPeak Input Voltage (40 ms): 60 VReversed Supply Protection: ­34 V GND Operating Temperature Range: ­40 C to +125 C APPLICATIONSCurrent SensingMotor ControlInterface for Pressure Transducers, Position Indicators, Strain Gages, and Other Low Level Signal Sources Accelerometers GENERAL DESCRIPTION a +5 V supply with excellent rejection of this common-mode The AD22057 is a single-supply difference amplifier for ampli- voltage. This is achieved by the use of a special resistive attenua- fying and low-pass filtering small differential voltages (typically tor at the input, laser trimmed to a very high differential balance. 100 mV FS at a gain of 40) from sources having a large common- Provisions are included for optional low-pass filtering and gain mode voltage. adjustment. An accurate midscale offset feature allows bipolar Supply voltages from +3.0 V to +36 V can be used. The input signals to be amplified. common-mode range extends from below ground to +24 V using +VS (CAR BATTERY) +5V SOLENOIDLOAD ANALOG OUTPUT4V PER AMP 100m AD22057 200k CORNER FREQUENCY CMOS DRIVER = 0.796Hz- F C POWER ANALOG GROUND DARLINGTON CHASSIS SINGLE-POLE LOW-PASS FILTERING, GAIN: 40 Figure 1. Typical Application Circuit for a Current Sensor Interface REV. A

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