Part # LM2485 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2485 220V Triple Bias Clamp with G1 Blank Amplifier

Part Details:

LM2485 December 2004 220V LM2485220V Triple Bias Clamp with G1 Blank Amplifier Triple General Description Features The LM2485 is a triple channel clamp amplifier used to DC n V capable of up to 220V CC restore the AC coupled outputs of a DTV CRT driver and for n V selectable to 8V or 12V via Pin 12 option BB Bias cut-off adjustment. The LM2485 also has an integrated n Wide bias output voltage range of over 100V blanking amplifier that can be used to drive the G1 grid of a n Inverted output pulse suitable for G1 blanking, CRT negative for vertical retrace blanking. The blanking selectable to 20V or 40V via Pin 13 option P-P P-P output has a selectable pulse amplitude of either 20V or P-P Clamp 40V via the Pin 13 option. The blanking input pulse can P-P Applications be generated from a vertical flyback pulse or by a microcon-troller. n AC coupled CRT applications using DTV formats up to 1080i The LM2485 can operate with a V supply of up to 220V CC and a V supply of either 8V or 12V. This V option, n Well-matched to the NSC LM12XX Family of with BB BB selectable via the Pin 12 option, ensures the LM2485 is Preamplifiers and LM242X/3X/5X Family of DTV CRT compatible with any National Semiconductor DTV CRT Drivers driver sharing the same operating voltages in the applica- G1 tion. The IC is packaged in an industry standard 24-lead molded

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