Part # AD7893 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7893 LC2MOS 12-Bit Serial 6 MU ADC in 8-Pin Package

Part Details:

LC2MOS 12-Bit, Serial 6 s a ADC in 8-Pin Package AD7893 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Fast 12-Bit ADC with 6 s Conversion Time REF IN VDD 8-Pin Mini-DlP and SOICSingle Supply Operation AD7893 High Speed, Easy-to-Use, Serial InterfaceOn-Chip Track/Hold Amplifier TRACK/ Selection of Input Ranges HOLD V SIGNAL IN SCALING* 12-BIT 10 V for AD7893-10 ADC 2.5 V for AD7893-3 0 V to +2.5 V for AD7893-20 V to +5 V for AD7893-5 CONVST OUTPUT REGISTER Low Power: 25 mW typ AGND DGND SCLK SDATA *AD7893-5, AD7893-10, AD7893-3 GENERAL DESCRIPTION PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS The AD7893 is a fast, 12-bit ADC that operates from a single 1. Fast, 12-Bit ADC in 8-Pin Package +5 V supply and is housed in a small 8-pin mini-DIP and 8-pin The AD7893 contains a 6 µs ADC, a track/hold amplifier, SOIC. The part contains a 6 µs successive approximation A/D control logic and a high speed serial interface, all in an 8-pin converter, an on-chip track/hold amplifier, an on-chip clock and package. This offers considerable space saving over alterna- a high speed serial interface. tive solutions. Output data from the AD7893 is provided via a high speed, 2. Low Power, Single Supply Operation serial interface port. This two-wire serial interface has a serial The AD7893 operates from a single +5 V supply and con- clock input and a serial data output with the external serial clock sumes only 25 mW. This low power, single supply operation accessing the serial data from the part. makes it ideal for battery powered or portable applications. In addition to traditional dc accuracy specifications such as lin- 3. High Speed Serial Interface

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