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Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD596/597 data sheet

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a Thermocouple Conditioner and Setpoint Controller AD596*/AD597* FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Low CostOperates with Type J (AD596) or Type K (AD597) TO-100 Thermocouples ­ALM Built-In Ice Point Compensation ­IN +ALM Temperature Proportional Operation ­ 10 mV/ CTemperature Setpoint Operation ­ ON/OFFProgrammable Switching Hysteresis ­ +IN G V+ High Impedance Differential Input + ICE ­ POINT G + + A + COMP GENERAL DESCRIPTION AD596/ The AD596/AD597 is a monolithic temperature setpoint con- V HYS OUT AD597 troller that has been optimized for use at elevated temperaturessuch as those found in oven control applications. The devicecold junction compensates and amplifies a type J or K thermo- GND FB couple input to derive an internal signal proportional to tem- V­ perature. The internal signal is then compared with an externallyapplied setpoint voltage to yield a low impedance switched output SOIC voltage. Dead-Band or switching hysteresis can be programmedusing a single external resistor. Alternately, the AD596/AD597 can AD597 be configured to provide a voltage output (10 mV/°C) directly from +IN 1 8 ­IN a type J or K thermocouple signal. It can also be used as a stand- + ­ alone voltage output temperature sensor. G HYS 2 7 V+ The AD596/AD597 can be powered with a single supply from

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