Part # LM5109A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM5109A High Voltage 1A Peak Half Bridge Gate Driver

Part Details:

LM5109A April 2006 LM5109A High High Voltage 1A Peak Half Bridge Gate Driver V General Description n Bootstrap supply voltage to 108V DC oltage n Fast propagation times (30 ns typical) The LM5109A is a cost effective, high voltage gate driver n Drives 1000 pF load with 15ns rise and fall times designed to drive both the high-side and the low-sideN-Channel MOSFETs in a synchronous buck or a half bridge n Excellent propagation delay matching (2 ns typical) configuration. The floating high-side driver is capable of n Supply rail under-voltage lockout 1A working with rail voltages up to 90V. The outputs are inde- n Low power consumption pendently controlled with TTL compatible input thresholds. n Pin compatible with ISL6700 The robust level shift technology operates at high speed Peak while consuming low power and providing clean level tran- Typical Applications sitions from the control input logic to the high-side gate n Current Fed push-pull converters driver. Under-voltage lockout is provided on both the low-side and the high-side power rails. The device is available in n Half and Full Bridge power converters Half the SOIC-8 and the thermally enhanced LLP-8 packages. n Solid state motor drives n Two switch forward power converters Features Bridge Package n Drives both a high-side and low-side N-Channel MOSFET n SOIC-8 n 1A peak output current (1.0A sink / 1.0A source) n LLP-8 (4 mm x 4 mm) n Independent TTL compatible inputs Gate Simplified Block Diagram Driver 20170201 FIGURE 1. © 2006 National Semiconductor Corporation DS201702 Connection Diagrams LM5109A 20170202

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