Part # BAR28 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

® BAR28 SMALL SIGNAL SCHOTTKY DIODE DESCRIPTION Metal to silicon junction diode featuring high break-down, low turn-on voltage and ultrafast switching. Primarly intended for high level UHF/VHF detec-tion and pulse application with broad dynamicrange. Matched batches are available on request. DO 35 (Glass) ABSOLUTE RATINGS (limiting values) Symbol Parameter Value Unit VRRM Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 70 V IF Forward Continuous Current* Ta = 25°C 15 mA IFSM Surge non Repetitive Forward Current* tp 1s 50 mA Tstg Storage and Junction Temperature Range - 65 to 200 °C Tj - 65 to 200 TL Maximum Lead Temperature for Soldering during 10s at 230 °C 4mm from Case THERMAL RESISTANCE Symbol Test Conditions Value Unit Rth(j-a) Junction-ambient* 400 °C/W ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS STATIC CHARACTERISTICS Symbol Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max.

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BAR28.pdf Datasheet