Part # LM7301 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM7301 Low Power, 4 MHz GBW, Rail-to-Rail Input-Output Operational Amplifier in TinyPak™ Package

Part Details:

Package LM7301 June 2006 Low LM7301Low Power, 4 MHz GBW, Rail-to-Rail Input-Output Power Operational Amplifier in TinyPakTM PackageGeneral Description Features , The LM7301 provides high performance in a wide range of at V = 5V (Typ unless otherwise noted) 4 S applications. The LM7301 offers greater than rail-to-rail input n Tiny 5-pin SOT23 package saves space MHz range, full rail-to-rail output swing, large capacitive load driv- n Greater than Rail-to-Rail Input CMVR -0.25V to 5.25V ing ability and low distortion. n Rail-to-Rail Output Swing 0.07V to 4.93V With only 0.6 mA supply current, the 4 MHz gain-bandwidth n Wide Gain-Bandwidth 4 MHz GBW of this device supports new portable applications where n Low Supply Current 0.60 mA higher power devices unacceptably drain battery life. n Wide Supply Range 1.8V to 32V The LM7301 can be driven by voltages that exceed both n High PSRR 104 dB , power supply rails, thus eliminating concerns over exceeding n High CMRR 93 dB Rail-to-Rail the common-mode voltage range. The rail-to-rail outputswing capability provides the maximum possible dynamic n Excellent Gain 97 dB range at the output. This is particularly important when op-erating on low supply voltages. Applications Operating on supplies of 1.8V­32V, the LM7301 is excellent n Portable instrumentation for a very wide range of applications in low power systems. n Signal conditioning amplifiers/ADC buffers Placing the amplifier right at the signal source reduces board n Active filters size and simplifies signal routing. The LM7301 fits easily on n Modems Input-Output low profile PCMCIA cards.

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