Part # TDA8174A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

TDA8174A VERTICAL DEFLECTION CIRCUIT s Ramp Generator s Independent Amplitude Adjustement s Buffer Stage s Power Amplifier s Flyback Generator s Thermal Protection s Internal Reference Voltage Decoupling MULTIWATT11 (Plastic Package) DESCRIPTION ORDER CODE: TDA8174A TDA8174A and TDA8174AW are monolithic inte-grated circuits. It is a full performance and very efficient verticaldeflection circuit intended for direct drive of a TVpicture tube in Color and B & W television as wellas in Monitor and Data displays. CLIPWATT11 (Plastic Package) ORDER CODE: TDA8174AW Figure 1. Pin Connections 11 FLYBACK GENERATOR 10 VS 9 INVERTING INPUT 8 BUFFER OUTPUT 7 RAMP GENERATOR 6 GROUND 5 VOLTAGE REF DECOUPLING 4 HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT 3 TRIGGER INPUT .eps01 2 OUTPUT STAGE VS a- 1 POWER OUTPUT 8174 September 2003 1/7 1

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TDA8174A.pdf Datasheet