Part # Application Note Power Supply And Power Management TSM1051 AN1632 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: SM1051: regulation loops precision calculation

Part Details:

AN1632 APPLICATION NOTE TSM1051: REGULATION LOOPS PRECISION CALCULATION by Giuseppe SCUDERI 1 PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION The voltage reference combined with oneoperational amplifier makes it an ideal voltage This technical note shows how it is possible to controller. calculate the current and voltage precision in theregulation loop of the TSM1051. The other operational amplifier, combined withfew external resistors and the voltage reference, The TSM1051 is a highly integrated solution for can be used as a current limiter. SMPS applications requiring CV (ConstantVoltage) and CC (Constant Current) mode. This circuit is designed for use in battery chargerswith a constant voltage and a limited output The TSM1051 integrates one voltage reference current and in adapters. and two operational amplifiers (with ORed outputs- common collector). It can be used in every type of applicationrequiring 1% voltage reference precision fixed at1.210 Volts. Figure 1 : Typical application using TSM1051 in SMPS optocoupler Rlimit D2 secondary side OUT+ TSM1051 6 Vref Vcc R3 R2 1.210V CV Rvc1 Cvc1 CV+ Out 3 C3 R4 1 PWM C1 C2 200mV CC CC+ Vctrl controller R5 Ictrl Vsense R1 optocoupler 4 5

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