Part # 74VHC112 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: 74VHC112 Dual J-K Flip-Flops with Preset and Clear

Part Details:

74VHC112 Dual J-K Flip-Flops with Preset and Clear May 2007 74VHC112 tm Dual J-K Flip-Flops with Preset and Clear Features General Description High speed: fMAX = 200MHz (Typ.) at VCC = 5.0V The VHC112 is an advanced high speed CMOS device Low power dissipation: I fabricated with silicon gate CMOS technology. It CC = 2µA (Max.) at TA = 25°C High noise immunity: V achieves the high-speed operation similar to equivalent NIH = VNIL = 28% VCC (Min.) Bipolar Schottky TTL while maintaining the CMOS low Power down protection is provided on all inputs power dissipation. Pin and function compatible with 74HC112 The VHC112 contains two independent, high-speed JKflip-flops with Direct Set and Clear inputs. Synchronousstate changes are initiated by the falling edge of theclock. Triggering occurs at a voltage level of the clockand is not directly related to transition time. The J and Kinputs can change when the clock is in either state with-out affecting the flip-flop, provided that they are in thedesired state during the recommended setup and holdtimes relative to the falling edge of the clock. The LOWsignal on PR or CLR prevents clocking and forces Q andQ HIGH, respectively. Simultaneous LOW signals on PRand CLR force both Q and Q HIGH. An input protection circuit ensures that 0V to 7V can beapplied to the input pins without regard to the supplyvoltage. This device can be used to interface 5V to 3Vsystems and two supply systems such as batterybackup. This circuit prevents device destruction due tomismatched supply and input voltages. Ordering Information Package Order Number Number Package Description 74VHC112M M16A 16-Lead Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC), JEDEC MS-012, 0.150" Narrow 74VHC112SJ M16D 16-Lead Small Outline Package (SOP), EIAJ TYPE II, 5.3mm Wide 74VHC112MTC MTC16 16-Lead Thin Shrink Small Outline Package (TSSOP), JEDEC MO-153, 4.4mm Wide Surface mount packages are also available on Tape and Reel. Specify by appending the suffix letter "X" to the ordering number. ©1995 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation 74VHC112 Rev. 1.2 74VHC112 Dual J-K Flip-Flops with Preset and Clear Connection Diagram Truth Table Inputs Outputs PR CLR CP J K Q Q

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